Thursday, September 17, 2009

Will the Real Acorn Please Stand Up!

From our "From Mighty Oaks, Tiny Acorns Grow" Department:

Harvey Bloginger, who writes a weekly column on truth and ethics in government, wanted to get to the bottom of the recent Acorn community group scandal in which the organization advised applicants on various ways of breaking the law. The most egregious example was an Acorn representative telling a prospective owner of a house of ill repute (for underage girls, no less) that Acorn had no problem in helping to set them up in business. Acorn, which is scheduled to receive billions of dollars in public funds this year, showed little remorse.

Bloginger: Ms. Ripemoff, you recently were caught on videotape by a couple of people posing as prostitutes trying to get funding through Acorn to set up a brothel for 13-year-old girls.

Ripemoff: Yes, uh-huh.

Bloginger: And these underage girls were to be used to provide sexual favors to the brothel's clients.

Ripemoff: Yes, that is my understanding.

Bloginger: And they told you that the girls were to be supplied by a South American cartel running a children's sex-slave ring.

Ripemoff: Yes, that is correct.

Bloginger: In the process, you admitted on-camera to having once run an illegal "escort service" yourself, so you certainly had no quarrel with setting these people up in a brothel paid for by taxpayer's dollars.

Ripemoff: That is correct.

Bloginger: You also confessed to having killed your former husband in cold blood.

Ripemoff: Yes, that's right.

Bloginger: What do you say now that an undercover video camera recorded your murder confession as well as your offer to help these people set up a child-prostitution and sex-for-sale ring?

Ripemoff: Well, honey, the way I see it, it's like this: everybody needs a hobby.


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