Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New No-Yard Gardening Book Gets Big Librarian Boost

Here's a look at what the influential Consortium Librarian Express had to say about one of its select April 2010 new-book pitches:

Featured Titles

From Container to Kitchen by D. J. Herda

More and more people are recognizing the need for nutritious, local, sustainable food, but organic options can be costly and the produce in most supermarkets is anything but local. In From Container to Kitchen, D.J. Herda shows that there is a way for urban dwellers to enjoy the benefits of traditional gardening and, for those even without yards, to maximize the harvest of fresh, healthy edibles. Herda is an award-winning freelance author, editor, and photojournalist who has written several thousand articles and more than eighty books. He is an avid organic gardener and test grower.

From Container to Kitchen | D.J. Herda | New Society Publishers | Gardening | 9780865716650 | April 2010 | $19.95 | Trade Paper

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