Monday, April 05, 2010

Harper Studio Bites the Dust

Announced at the end of the day on Good Friday (somebody has a warped sense of humor), following the departure of founding executive Bob Miller, Harper's Michael Morrison confirmed "We have decided that in the interest of what's best for our Harper Studio authors and employees, our last batch of titles to be published under the Harper Studio imprint will be on the Summer 2010 list." All titles scheduled for beyond that season will be absorbed by one of Harper's other imprints, according to Morrison, who said Harper "will be contacting agents and authors to discuss the best editors and imprints for each of these titles."

He also indicated that "all our imprints are happy to discuss profit sharing scenarios on a book-by-book basis. Debbie Stier will remain director of digital marketing for Harper, reporting to Carolyn Pittis, and will acquire books as an editor-at-large. Julia Cheiffetz will move to the Harper imprint and report to Jonathan Burnham. Assistant editor Katie Salisbury will continue to report to Julia, and Jessica Wiener will continue as director of marketing.

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