Monday, October 26, 2009

Keep Your Options Open for New Markets

Most writers spend a good portion of their lives looking for ways to expand their markets and generate new sources of income. Are you one of them? And, if so, do you take advantage of them all, even if they don't quite seem to be "right up your alley"?

I know one writer who had someone approach her about writing a family history for herself and her siblings. Now, that might not seem as if it would be the most exciting assignment around, and certainly not the best paying; but once she finished, one job led to another, until today, that writer is making more money than 95 percent of all freelance writers in America!

Someone else asked a writer I know to co-write a novel. Originally skeptical (what writer doesn't have fifty million of her own fiction ideas to turn into books!), she investigated the offer, fell in love with the story line and the characters, and connected with her co-author. And the rest, as they say, is history.

There are plenty of new and off-the-beaten-track ways for writers to generate income and find new avenues of literary expression. But the key is to remain open to exploring each and every one.

So, the next time someone comes to you saying he wishes he knew of a writer who could help him attention. It just might be the dream assignment of your life!


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