Monday, May 24, 2010

Former CIA Op Spins Cold-War Tale

Embassy Intrigue

by Roger E. Neetz

A veteran of World War II, serving with the 8th Air Force, author Roger Neetz is a graduate of Georgetown University and the School of Foreign Service.  His professional career spans the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service and the Central Intelligence Agency, serving tours in Germany and the former Soviet Union.  He is author of more than fifty professional papers on policy, trade, and economics, as well as three historical fiction novels and several short stories.  He is currently retired and lives in Vero Beach, FL

About the Book
Embassy Intrigue is a defining tale of intelligence operations that leaves no stone unturned.  Fact and fiction are skillfully interwoven into a suspenseful plot of mystery, intrigue, and betrayal in this elegantly crafted novel This book is the inside story of Embassy life and intelligence operations in Moscow during the period known as the Cold War, where events that transpired then still impact on today's world.  The clandestine nature of the operation and the deceit of Embassy personnel by power brokers give the story a real life flavor, guiding the reader through the KGB microwave penetrations that made the Embassy in Moscow a health hazard and explores the Israeli MOSSAD cooperation with the CIA, which agreed to provide material support for the development of an atomic bomb.

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