Thursday, May 20, 2010

Publishing Bits & Pieces

Harlequin has announced that its imprint, Harlequin Teen, will first give away and then sell for $2.99 Julie Kagawa's 15,000-word novella, Winter's Passage, which links her February debut novel, The Iron King, and her forthcoming July release, The Iron Daughter. Harlequin's Malle Vallik says "the purpose is to keep her audience interested while building their excitement for the next book."

A Sesame Street eBookstore has gone live today, offering subscription access to a library of over 100 children's books for $39.99 a year. Sesame Workshop SYP of worldwide media distribution Scott Chambers calls it "an important step forward in bringing our 40-year library of children's books to the next generation of young readers." He added, "We want to deliver our content to young readers in the formats they are engaging with on a daily basis." The initiative is managed for them by Impelsys.

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